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Lyptus wood plaques are the only truly eco-friendly wood plaque on the market today. Lyptus is the trade name of a hybrid of two species of Eucalyptus. It was developed for rapid harvesting and is grown on the Aracruz Cellulose plantations in Brazil.

These plantations allow for controlled growth using modern forestry techniques. As opposed to other noble hardwoods like Cherry, Walnut and Maple, which must follow strict guidelines for FSC certified woods to be considered a green material, Lyptus is plantation grown, providing for maximum yield per square acre

Lyptus has properties similar to many other hardwoods and is most often compared to cherry. It's great for laser imprinting. It's a closed-grain wood, and is harder than oak. The coloration varies from a light salmon to a deep red. As a plantation grown wood, use of Lyptus does not deplete old growth forests, which are regarded as valuable havens for biodiversity.
Lyptus wood is considered a Rapidly Renewable material for its ability to grow to maturity in 14-16 years. It is a very dense and strong wood product.

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